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Little House In The Suburbs: Big Decorating Tips For Tiny Rooms

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Having a small house doesn't mean you can't enjoy the same benefits of having a larger home. In fact, owning a smaller home makes sense in a variety of ways. Smaller homes cost less. They are cheaper to heat in the winter months and easier to cool in the summer months. Less square footage means less overall area to clean and maintain.

Smaller homes function just as well as larger homes when you select the proper furnishings and décor to make your home more efficient. You can achieve maximal benefits in minimal space by following a few guidelines.

Take advantage of your walls

Consider taller wall cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom for added storage space. Instead of traditional cabinets that leave space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling, you can extend the cabinets to nearly touch the ceiling. Shelf units with storage baskets are great additions to bedrooms and playrooms. The baskets eliminate and conceal clutter.

Wall desks are space savers in home offices. They can also help you turn an unused closet into a work center if you don't have an actual room to devote to office space. Fold-out wall beds help preserve space in bedrooms and look like wall cabinets when not in use.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

While the addition of mirrors won't actually provide extra space, they can make a small room appear much larger. Covering one entire wall of a room with mirrors gives the illusion of the room being double in size. Choosing a wall opposite a window to cover with mirrors reflects the beauty of natural light.

A mirror at the end of a hallway will make it appear longer in length. Place full length mirrors over closet doors in a bedroom. You can replace a traditional backsplash in the kitchen with a reflective backsplash to create the same illusion as mirrors.

Double-duty furniture

Visit your local furniture store and shop for furnishings that serve double duty. Daybeds and futons are useful for sitting and sleeping. Purchase furnishings that double as storage units. Beds with drawers underneath eliminate the need for additional dressers. Bunk beds with drawers are space savers in children's rooms.

Color matters

If you want to create a larger looking room, you should stick to natural and light colors. They make a room appear open. Think whites, muted pastels, shades of gray, and beige tones. Think twice about using printed wallpaper designs. Selecting a main color in a light shade is usually better for small rooms.

With a little planning, you can transform your small home into a place that's huge with advantages. Small homes are cozy and cost efficient. Less time spent on cleaning and maintenance tasks means more free time you will have to spend with your friends and loved ones, and that's the greatest benefit of all. Talk to stores like Smith Furniture for more information and tips.