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Self Storage Tips: How To Store Your Wigs, Long & Short-Term

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All of your wigs have given you the opportunity to shine in various ways. So the least that you can do for your wigs is store them correctly. The following is a simple yet necessary guide to help you store your wigs in a storage facility for both short and long-term periods of time. 

Clean & Detangle

The first thing you need to know about storing your wigs is that they need to be in great condition before storing them. That means that you need to detangle all wigs and clean them properly. Remember that this applies to both short-term storage as well as long-term. 

The reason you want to clean your wigs properly is because dirt and other particles can attract insects. And those tangles mentioned earlier will add unnecessary strain to the strands of your wig. The strain will make those strands weak and lead to breaks and split ends. 

Short-Term Storage

You will need to make sure that you have wig holders for each of your wigs. Wig holders are important to keep the form of your wig intact. You can store your wigs like this for a few months, but no longer than a year. 

It is important that you talk to your self storage specialist to make sure that you are storing your wig in a unit with no sunlight. Constant and direct sunlight will ruin the color of your wig. You should also check that the storage unit has climate control because mold could grow in your unit with enough humidity. Keeping the temperature in your unit in your control should also help keep your wig from drying out. 

Storing For An Extended Period of Time

The first thing you need to know is that you won't need a wig stand. Long-term storage means that you should have the original packaging material ready. You can also purchase a wig container online or at your local beauty salon. Be sure to fold your wigs ear to ear before storing your wig inside your plastic container. 

Folding your wig from ear to ear should help the fabric cushion each other. Keeping your wigs in a container should help fight off any dust or particles. The reason you want to beware of dust or particles is because they can settle on your wigs if you leave the debris inside the wig too long. 

As you can see, storing your wigs in self storage is as easy as pie, as long as you know what to do.