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How To Update Your Landscaping With Retaining Wall Blocks

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One great way to add more style to your landscaping is to add some hardscape features. Hardscaping can be a practical and functional addition to any yard. Retaining walls are an essential element of any landscape design. Smartly installed retaining walls will be both functional and stylish. This article will highlight how to build and use a simple retaining wall that will make your landscaping more stylish.

Building a Wall with Retaining Wall Blocks

To build a simple, small retaining wall in your yard, you will need retaining wall blocks. Retaining wall blocks come in a variety of different styles and colors, but they are usually made out of concrete aggregate. In essence, they are bricks with special notches that allow them to be stacked on top of each other. When building a retaining wall with these blocks, you do not need to use mortar. You simply stack the blocks on top of each other and then fill in the soil behind the block to fortify the wall.

Expanding Your Walls

Often, people find that they did not build their wall tall enough to maintain the roots of the trees or plants. If this is a problem, you can simply add an extra row or two of blocks to give your walls more height and strength. The great thing about building these walls is that you can adjust the design and shape of them to fit your needs. For instance, if you build a small retaining wall around a tree, the root system can become too big for the area after a number of years. So, you can expand the weight capacity of the retaining wall by adding another row bricks when it becomes necessary. Since the blocks are not attached with any mortar, they are relatively easy to dig up and move.

Retaining walls are great for landscapes because they can segregate different sections of your yard. Different plants, trees and bushes need different soil, watering and fertilizers. You can keep your yard much healthier and greener if you segregate different sections of soil. This makes it easier to regulate your watering and fertilizing regiments. You can also use the retaining walls to elevate certain sections of your landscaping. For instance, you could elevate your flower bed so the view is not blocked by any taller bushes.

No matter how you design your landscaping, you can have fun with your layout and make it your own. For more information on landscaping, contact a company at