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Microwaves: Counter-Top Or Microhood?

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A microwave oven is one of those kitchen appliances that many people take for granted. You never really think about having one until you live in a home without one for a while. Then, you can think of many reasons you miss having one. If you find yourself in a new home that does not have a microwave, you may be wondering what kind you should get. If you are trying to decide between a counter-top microwave oven and an over-the-range microhood, here are are few things that you should consider.

Counter-top Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is a great choice if you are in a rental home or plan to move in the near future. The portability of this small appliance makes it easy to take with you from one place to another. Counter-top microwave ovens are also quite a bit less expensive than microhoods. The average cost of a counter-top microwave oven is generally less than $100 for a decent model, whereas a basic microhood will cost closer to $200. The challenges with these models is that they take up valuable counter space, and are often too small to hold a large bowl or a full-sized plate.

Over-the-Range Microhood

If you are looking for a microwave oven that will be more versatile and save space, a microhood can be a great option. This type of microwave oven sits above the stove, and doubles as a vent hood for your range. This dual-duty feature allows you to have the convenience of a microwave without taking up extra counter space. Over-the-range microhoods are also generally larger than the basic counter-top model, allowing you to fit full-sized dishes inside. This is convenient if you need to heat something for a family, rather than an individual.

However, microhoods are not without their challenges. For people with limited cabinetry or overhead space for their oven, a microhood may cause a problem because it is taller than a basic range hood and you will lose any cabinet space that you had above the oven. Also, because this type of microwave oven is more of an investment, it may be better to look at this option only if you are in need of a new range hood as well as a microwave.

Choosing the right kind of microwave oven for your home can be a challenge. However, with the right information, you can choose whether a counter-top or over-the-range model from a place like Arnold's Appliance is right for your.