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Repairing Small Holes And Tears In Your Window Screen

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Window screens provide you with the wonderful ability to enjoy a fresh breeze in your home without worrying about bugs, birds, and other critters getting into your home. Unfortunately, even a small hole or tear in your window screen can have a huge impact on how effective this screen is. Thankfully, this type of minor damage can often be repaired quickly without the need to even remove the screen from your window. The step-by-step instructions outlined below can help you to accomplish this task.

What You Will Need

  • piece of window screen that is slightly larger than the hole you will be patching
  • fast drying glue
  • painters tape
  • clear nail polish

Step 1: Prepare Screen Patch

Begin by cutting your repair patch to ensure it is an inch or two bigger on each side than the damage that you plan on repairing. Next, place painters tape along the edge of the repair patch. This tape will allow you to hold the patch in place while it dries without getting glue on your hands.

Next, apply a generous layer of quick drying glue to the back of the patch along the outer edge. You will need to be careful not to get this glue on the painters tape of you may have trouble removing this tape once the repair is complete.

Step 2: Secure Patch

Once the glue is in place, quickly place the patch over the damaged area and apply just enough pressure for the painters tape surrounding the patch to stick to the surrounding screen. Be careful not too apply to much pressure or you could end up causing even more damage to your window screen.

Step 3: Remove Tape And Reinforce Patch

After allowing the glue to dry completely, you will be able to carefully remove the painters tape from along the edge of your repair patch. Now, simply apply a thin layer of clear nail polish along the edge of the repair patch on both the inside and outside of your window screen. This will help to provide additional support for your new piece of window screen without interfering with the way your screen looks.

A Final Thought

While minor damage to a window screen can be easily repaired using the steps above, larger holes and rips may require you to replace the window screen. When dealing with this type of screen repair, it is always best to turn to a professional at Northridge Screen in order to ensure the security of your window is not compromised during the repair process.