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How Rocks Can Add Special Appeal To Your Home And Landscape

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If you are wondering how to spruce up your home and landscape without going out of the bounds of the natural world, you might think about how rocks come in various sizes, colors, shapes and even textures. Many parts of your home and garden can look great by using rocks as a focal point of your overall design.

River Rocks Are Beautiful And Fun

No two river rocks are exactly the same, smoothed out and carved over many years by the elements. River rocks have unique shapes, some appearing as they were carved and formed by human hands. River rocks also come in several colors, a definite benefit if you are considering these rocks in your landscape design. Maybe you would like a flowerbed of bright yellow marigolds surrounded by smooth, glossy black river rocks. Using only black rocks can provide a special appeal to bright yellow blooms. Take the time to study your landscape and look for ways to use the unusual design benefits of river rocks.

A Little Different Than The Yellow Brick Road

Natural pathways through your gardens and lawn add more than beauty, but also important functionality as well. While many landscapes have brick or cobblestone walkways, you might think about using slate rock instead. Slate comes in natural colors and works to add natural appeal to your walkway. Achieving the greatest natural decor in your landscape is easier when you use all natural materials. Slate rock can also be used on wire mesh framing on your foundation or on your water fountains. You can come up with unique designs for your landscape by walking through it, writing down your ideas as you go.

Big Rocks Can Make The Difference In Your Natural Rock Design

When considering where you will place big rocks in your landscape, keep in mind it will need to be a permanent placement. Also, remember to add soil around the base of large rocks and boulders to give the appearance of them having been there for a long time. Keep in mind the color of smaller rocks you may be using in your landscape when choosing the color of larger rocks. Making sure you keep colors in accordance with one another is important to portray the most natural appearance.

Creating the natural landscape you and your family can enjoy is important. A beautiful landscape not only adds to the comfort and enjoyment of your home, it also helps to increase the investment you have in your property. The time and money you put into the design and execution of your natural landscape is worthwhile.

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