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It's Easier Than You Think To Dine In Vintage Style At Home

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Creating the perfect antique look for your dining room can be a big job. One problem is that antique settings in a modern home can sometimes be overwhelming and not mesh well with other parts of the home. But it can be easy to create a vintage dining room with a fusion of classic looks and modern utility. Here are the steps to designing your own antique fusion look for entertaining and just enjoying family meals. 

Start with the Era

The first step in adding a vintage look to your dining room is deciding on a style and era. If you want a formal, elegant look, try a classic French antique style with stylized chairs and beautiful upholstery. For a more informal setting, try country chic with a distressed wood table and recycled chairs complemented with fresh flowers and a cheerful, airy color palette. Or set the mood for eclectic fun using geometric shapes and retro colors from the 50s, 60s or 70s. 

Focus on the Chairs

Once you've decided on a style and feeling you're going for, keep in mind that you don't have to immerse your room in antiques to achieve your goal. By pairing some vintage chairs and accessories with established or neutral central pieces, you can create a simple, beautiful fusion look.  For example, try combining traditional French Louis-style chairs with a basic square or round dining table. Keep the palette pale and add only a few bold antique decorative accents. Or combine exquisitely upholstered floral chairs with a painted, recycled wood table in a complementary color.

Don't be afraid to experiment with the chairs as well. Adding a wooden bench instead of some seating gives a country vintage feel to any room, as do old-fashioned wire ice cream parlor chairs at the head and foot of a table. Sleek oval or round chairs matched with glass tables bring to life the 50s and 60s. Or try using upholstered accent chairs in place of traditional dining chairs.  Feel free to mix them up, combining large and small chairs or even colors.  

Complement with Accessories

Once you've created a dining table setting that accomplishes your desired look, accessorize to bring the rest of the room into place. Be careful not to overdo it, though. One or two main decorative focal points may be enough. For traditional antique rooms, try a classic large buffet and a beautiful chandelier or light fixture. If you're creating a mid-century retro dining room, go for a side table with an oversized mirror and art deco sconces instead. Stick with the "less is more" approach to adding decorations for maximum effect from each.

Remaking your dining room into an antique treasure may not be as hard as you think or as expensive as you expect. All it requires is a solid vision of what era you want to recreate and a few of the right pieces matched with imagination. For more information, contact a furniture store in your area.