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Buying A Corner Sink For A Small Bathroom

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Installing a corner sink is not that much different than installing a regular sink. It's just a little bit more difficult to hook up the water supply and drain pipe, and there are a few other potential problems that may be challenging. As always, if you have the money or are easily frustrated, leave plumbing services to a professional plumber.

Buying the proper corner sink and supplies for your available space may also present its own difficulties. Lack of selection and availability are the primary issues, both in the purchase of the sink as well as the type of faucet required.

That being said, if you intend to purchase a corner sink for a small bathroom, here's what you need to do:

Buying the sink

Corner sinks, especially smaller ones, are not usually found in large home improvement chain stores. That leaves plumbing supply stores or the Internet as your best choices for finding your sink.

Plumbing supply stores may need to order the sink, but may have a floor model that you can actually see in person. You can find almost anything on the net, at competitive prices, but you will only see pictures, so if style and design are important, you may want to try the plumbing supply store.

Measure the intended installation area in every direction. It can be assumed that the reason you intend to install a corner sink is because of limited space, so you don't want a sink that will jut out over a nearby toilet.

It is important to check the intended corner location to see if the walls are completely perpendicular. If they are not, one edge of the sink will have a space between wall and sink, resulting in water splashing onto the floor when the sink is used. Very uneven corners may require you to abandon the corner sink idea.

Buying the faucet

A small corner sink will likely have a single hole for a single stem faucet. In addition, you will need a smaller faucet that doesn't hang over the sink like a hulking behemoth. Keep these factors in mind when you pick out a faucet. 

If you decide to buy at a plumbing supply store, ask the sales representative to assist you in picking a faucet to match your new sink. If shopping online, you can shop at online retailers who offer suggestions for related purchases, or contact customer service for assistance. 

Extra supplies you may need

You will probably need a sink drain, although some sinks are sold with drains included. If you need to buy one, select a drain that is one and one quarter inches in diameter, as opposed to a one and one half inch drain, which is used in commercial sinks.

Because your new sink will be relocated, the drain pipe may not reach the existing drain trap pipe to which it must be attached.  You must then purchase an adjustable drain pipe extension, which can be extended and angled to meet your needs. 

You may find other obstacles according to your individual situation, but every problem usually has a product produced to correct it, so don't be discouraged. Contact a plumber like Rakeman Plumbing if you have any questions.