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4 Super-Awesome Sewing Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Sewing can be a very enjoyable hobby, but there are times that it can be extremely frustrating. To help make your life a little easier, here are four sewing hacks that you can begin using immediately:

1. Use Hair Spray to Get the Thread Through the Hole.

One of the worst things for a person who sews is not being able to get that tiny piece of thread through that tiny hole on the needle. The moment you think you have it in, the thread falls, because it is so limp. To help keep the thread firm and straight, spray it with a little bit of hair spray. This will save a ton of time and frustration when threading your needles.

2. Add a Book Light to See What You're Sewing.

Some sewing machines come with lights, but not all of them. If you have one that doesn't and can't seem to see when you're trying to sew, you may want to consider getting a clip-on book or reading light. You can use painter's tape (usually blue) to secure it in place at the back of the sewing machine in the event that you don't have anywhere to clip it. The light can be angled around so that it shines brightly on the task at hand. This will help limit mistakes, too.

3. Use Binder Clips to Hold Fabric in Place.

If you are one of those people who hate the holes that pins leave behind, you may want to consider an easy alternative: binder clips. Although primarily used in the office, these clips can do wonders at keeping your fabric in place, especially slick fabrics like satin. This helps to minimize the mistakes that you make while cutting, and even sewing, while also avoiding unnecessary pin holes in the fabric, which is particularly helpful with delicate fabrics.

4. Organize Bobbins with Foam Toe Separators.

Bobbins can be a major pain when it comes to keeping your sewing room organized. They are constantly rolling around, which leads to the unwinding of the thread. While there are special boxes that ca be purchased to store these bobbins in to avoid these issues, there is no reason to spend an arm and a leg on them when you probably have something in your manicure kit that you can use as a much more cost-effective solution: foam toe separators. The bobbins easily slide right into the slots that were initially made for your toes so that they will never roll around and unwind again.

With a little bit of imagination, you can easily come up with your own hacks in the sewing room. In the meantime, these four will help make your life a whole lot easier. Equipped with these hacks, you may even decide that it is time to upgrade to a new sewing machine, like those from The Sewing Studio Fabric Superstore, because you've decided to take up the hobby much more frequently.