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Home Remedies For Eliminating Bedbugs In Your Bedroom

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Sharing your bed with bedbugs can be a nightmare, robbing you of some much needed sleep, not to mention the possibility of developing painful blisters and itchy rashes in affected areas. Bedbugs can be quite resilient to pesticides, often adopting to and resisting these chemicals, so it is important that you learn natural ways to control and get rid of these annoying pests in your clothes and beddings. Read on for simple home remedies to help achieve just that.

Wash and vacuum

Washing any fabrics that regularly come into contact with an infested bed, such as linens, nightshirts, bed sheets and bedcovers with hot water and bleach can be an effective strategy to kill off bedbugs hidden in the fabric fibers. You should then subject your mattress to hot steam and put your laundered fabrics in the dryer so as to kill off any eggs that may have survived the hot water washing.  

A hot steamer can also kill bedbugs hidden in baseboards and cracks in your bed, while vacuum cleaner can literally suck out any pests in your bed drawers. Next, make sure to wipe out dirt on your bedroom furnishings, as they can attract more bedbugs.

After the above steps, you should take several measures to prevent bedbugs from gaining easy access to your bedroom in future. First, encase your pillows and mattresses, as these cases are usually much easier to remove and hot water wash on a regular basis. Next, remove any piles of clothes, newspapers or other clutter around your bed that bed bugs could snuggle under and ensure your floors and bedroom furnishings are wiped down regularly with water and detergent.

Try lavender oil or diatomaceous earth

Lavender oils can provide an effective, natural bedbug repellant due to their pungent smell and nasty taste that these blood suckers hate. Spraying a bit of lavender oil on your mattress, bed frame and beddings can prevent these nasty pests from attacking you while you are asleep. Alternatively, you can smear tee tree oil on your bedroom floor and around your bed perimeter to prevent bedbugs from climbing into your bed.

Another effective home remedy against bedbugs is diatomaceous earth. This is basically consists of tiny soil particles that have jagged edges. The soil can be sprinkled around your bed and in other infested areas such as wardrobes to pierce degrade the bedbugs' outer body shell, making them succumb to dehydration.

The above home remedies can be quite effective at dealing with small bedbug infestations, but you may need to call in your local pest control expert (like Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control) to deal with a festering infestation in your bedroom.