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Remodeling Your Kitchen Cabinets: Ideas For You

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When you walk into your kitchen and feel as if you are bored with your surroundings, you may not find yourself particularly inspired to spend time in there and cook for yourself and your family. As such, you may be thinking that it is time to update or remodel part or all of your kitchen. If you can only remodel one aspect of your kitchen, you may want to focus on your kitchen cabinets. Because your cabinets take up much of the space in your kitchen and draw the eye, you have a major opportunity to make your kitchen look like brand new. Get to know some of the ways that you can remodel your kitchen cabinets and get started making your kitchen look new and inviting once more.

Remove Your Cabinet Doors

One of the ways that you can quickly and easily create variety in your kitchen design and change up the entire look and feel of your kitchen is to remove some or all of the cabinet doors. Having open cabinets in your kitchen rather than those that are closed off can make your kitchen appear larger as the depth of the cabinets seems to push the walls farther back.

To make this even more fun, you can replace the shelf liners in your kitchen cabinets with bright colors or bold patterns. You can also repaint the back wall of the interior of the cabinets to brighten up the space and add more contrast.

This works best with upper cabinets and cabinets that you need to access most often such as for drinking glasses or plates and bowls. You will also want to be sure that the cabinets you leave without doors are well-organized to avoid the appearance of clutter in your kitchen.

Create Custom Cabinetry Doors

If you are not comfortable leaving your kitchen cabinets without doors or would prefer to try that look with only one or two cabinets, an alternative remodeling tactic could be to have custom cabinetry doors made by a contractor. These custom doors can be as basic or intricate as you would like, depending on the design aesthetic you are looking for.

For a rustic look to your kitchen, you could have custom doors made out of blocks of natural wood. These can be cut precisely to fit your cabinets like standard doors, but alternatively you could have cabinet doors with edges that follow the natural curvature of the wood grain so that each cabinet door is unique and looks natural and rustic.

Another option is to take a standard cabinet door and remove the center wood panel and replace it with chicken wire to create a semi-open look. Other choices could include mirrored kitchen cabinets, bold colors, or even unique mural-like designs on each cabinet door.

Now that you know a few options for remodeling your kitchen cabinets, all that is left to do is begin your remodeling project and create a unique and inviting kitchen for yourself.