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4 Backyard Water Fountain Styles

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One way to transform your backyard into a calming oasis is with a water fountain. Not only will the fountain give the outdoor space an elegant look, it will also attract birds and provide a soothing sound. To get the most mileage out of the water fountain, place it in a location in your backyard where you can view it out of a window as well. Set up lawn furniture, such as a 4-piece conversation set, around the fountain as a place to relax and entertain friends and family. 

There are many different types of backyard water fountain styles and designs, so you'll have no problem choosing one that reflects your personal interests and decor preferences. Here are 4 fountains styles to use as inspiration: 

1. Traditional Tiered Fountains

If you're going for a classic, timeless appeal, pick a traditional tiered water fountain constructed of granite or concrete. These types of fountains typically feature three levels, with the smallest tier at the top and the largest at the bottom. The tiers may also have elegant scalloped edges, and the water cascades from one level to the next in a soothing motion. 

For an elegant old-world look, you can stick with a grey fountain, although other colors, such as brown and black, are also available. 

2. Modern Fountains

If a modern design is more your thing, go with a sleek water fountain made of a dark color stone. Some fountains are made with several streamlined pillars in varying heights, and the water seamlessly flows from one to the other. Another sophisticated fountain design features a single pillar with a sphere from which the water flows on top.

3. Nature-Inspired Fountains

Fountains constructed of natural elements, such as pebbles and brick, will blend in with your backyard's rustic landscape and create the feeling of a rural retreat. Nature-inspired fountains include stacked glacial rocks, designs that resemble hollowed-out logs. and stacked bricks with wrought iron receptacles that the water flows through. 

4. Whimsical Fountains 

You can also use a backyard water fountain as a way to showcase a specific interest and decor style. For instance, if you love to fish, choose a fountain designed to look like a jumping fish, with the water flowing out through the mouth. Bird lovers will appreciate a bowl-shaped stone fountain with hummingbird or cardinal designs attached to the rim, looking as if they are drinking the water.

Other whimsical designs include fairies, dragons and frogs.