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Tips About Providing Weed Control That Is Safe For Your Dogs

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If you are planning a beautiful, healthy yard that is safe for your pet to enjoy, it is important to be aware that pesticides can be dangerous to canines. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the following information so that you can keep your beloved pooch safe.

Reconsider Your Use Of Pesticides

It will first be necessary to remember that all pesticides are not created equal. For instance, one especially harmful type of pesticide is in the organophosphate family and is known as disulfoton. While it is more difficult to find now than it was a few years ago since many of the items containing it are no longer on the market, it can still be found as one of numerous ingredients in some gardening products. It is important to note that herbicides, or weed killers, are also forms of pesticide.

Unfortunately, disulfoton can be incredibly appealing to dogs in several of the forms it is sold in, such as bone meal. When your dog chows down on the pesticide, vomiting, and other digestive problems will soon follow. In some instances, those digestive concerns can lead to death. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that your yard never uses disulfoton in any form. Instead, you can use vinegar to kill weeds, although you should provide full coverage to the nearby plants that you do not want to impact. That is because vinegar can kill the greenery you want to keep just as easily as the weeds you would like to destroy.

Make Other Arrangements For Pets When Herbicides Are Applied To Your Yard

Once you know what ingredients should never be allowed near your dogs, it is a good idea to remember that there is a big difference between using products that are good for your dog and items that can be tolerated by them. Since it is very unlikely that you will find an herbicide that would be good for your pet, you should plan to limit their exposure to herbicides whenever possible. You should also plan to move all of your pet's belongings away that may linger outside, including food bowls, toys, blankets etc. while treating the area.

As a result, it will be helpful to have your dog go to a nearby animal grooming facility or doggy daycare on the day that your yard is being treated. Conversely, you might also elect to keep your dogs inside on that day. When the grass, bush, vine or other treated area is entirely dry, you will know that it is safe to allow your canine to play outside once again.

In conclusion, controlling the weeds in your yard can become more challenging when one or more of your dogs will be spending time outside. As a result, it is a good idea to consider the information provided above so that you can be sure you are not risking your dog's health in order to treat and prevent the unsightly weeds in your yard. For more information, contact a company like Snyder's Weed Control.