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Learn How To Replace A Broken Glass Tabletop On An Antique Table

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When the glass on an antique table breaks, it can be quite devastating because many antique tables are very unique in shape or size. If the glass on one of your antique tables has broken, you need to go to a professional glass cutter to have a replacement piece of glass cut. Instead of taking the entire table into the glass cutter, use the guide below to learn a few tips to ensure your perfect glass table top replacement can be created with ease.

Create an Outline of the Table

Lay out a large piece of paper on the floor and flip the table upside down on it so that the top of the table is on the paper. Trace the paper with a washable marker to create an outline for the shape and size of the table. You want to use a washable marker so that you can wash off any marks that may get on the table.

Choose the Thickness of the Glass

Next, you need to consider how thick you want the glass to be. If the glass needs to sit inside of the frame of the table, measure the depth of the area where the glass fits. This will allow you to determine how thick the glass needs to be.

Choose the Type of Glass You Want Used

Glass shops have a large selection glass from which you can choose. You can choose traditional clear glass, mirrored glass, or even antiqued glass. Mirrored glass will have a mirrored finish, whereas antiqued glass will look older to create a more antique look.

Transport the Glass Carefully

After you have the glass cut, it will be wrapped in paper to protect it. Take an extra step and wrap the glass in a blanket to protect it and ensure that it doesn't get damaged when you drive it back to your home.

Position the Glass onto the Table

Once you are home, have someone help you position the glass over the table carefully. Gently put the glass into to place, making sure not to slide it on the table top too much as it could scratch the glass.

Once the glass is in place, the table should look as good as it did before the glass was broken. Many glass cutters need ample amount of time to create a custom glass piece. You should be able to get an estimate for how long the cutting will take when you drop off the outline, but do not expect to get the glass the same day. This hyperlink can give you more information and advice.