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Great Advice When Installing An Interior Basement Waterproofing System

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If you're worried about the basement of your home getting damaged by water, then the best way to alleviate this fear is to invest in an interior basement waterproofing system. It typically involves sealants and weatherproof baseboards. You can have success installing one of these systems if you use this guide.  

Find Wet Areas First

An interior basement waterproofing system will include a bunch of different materials, but in order to maximize them, it's paramount that you first target wet areas. These are the places where you'll want to spend most of your time waterproofing because they're causing you a lot of issues currently.

Go down to the basement and walk around for several minutes until you see visible water coming through or signs of water at the very least. Water spots will be easy to spot and then you can note their location before installing a waterproofing system. 

Get a Waterproofing System Recommendation

If you don't have any prior experience dealing with basement water damage, then it's probably in your best interest to get a recommendation for which interior basement waterproofing system to get. Then you can trust it's going to work out once all of the appropriate materials are set up.

Probably the best professional you could talk to about these solutions is a plumber or waterproofing specialist. They'll assess the water situation that you're dealing with and your basement's overall layout, determining which system can give you the best waterproofing results that end up lasting. 

Monitor Sealants After They're Applied 

One of the most important aspects of an interior basement waterproofing system is the sealant because it's going to keep wet areas dry day in and day out. You just want to make sure you monitor the sealant after it's applied to various areas around the basement.

Look to see if it's truly working, which you can do by going up close to the sealant and actually touching it once it cures. If you don't feel anything wet or see more signs of water getting through, you know the sealants are high-quality and were set up correctly.

Basements that leak can cause a lot of water damage in a short period of time, which is why you need to invest in an interior waterproofing system as soon as possible. Then you'll just need to get it set up according to the proper standards. 

Contact a local waterproofing system installation service to learn more.